Founder Story

Welcome to Trutone Beauty, born from a personal quest for confidence and natural beauty. As I approach my mid-30s, the effects of gravity are beginning to show, with facial puffiness and an undefined jawline often making me feel as though I’ve gained weight, particularly noticeable in photos. This significantly impacts my confidence, leading me to shy away from cameras.
Determined to find a solution that resonates with my belief in embracing natural beauty and ageing gracefully, I discovered a sustainable, non-invasive way to sculpt my face at home. This journey wasn’t just about altering my appearance; it was about transforming how I view myself and the ageing process.

Trutone Beauty is the culmination of that journey – a fusion of a pro-ageing philosophy and effective, non-invasive solutions for anyone who’s ever felt self-conscious in front of a lens. Our mission is to empower you to feel radiant and confident at any age, enhancing your natural beauty without resorting to drastic measures.

Join us at Trutone Beauty, where we celebrate the art of ageing and the beauty of confidence. Here's to looking and feeling your best, especially in those moments meant to be captured.

Emily Quah x